Silhouette of a mysterious man in a vintage style wide brimmed hat in a close up head and shoulders portrait

Germany’s Stasi Culture and Its Relevance Today

February 25, 2021

Think of the psychological effects a pervasive system such as the Stasi state must have had on the population. It speaks to the paranoia that builds up once you start to think that some enormous, invisible, sinister organization is out to get you. […]

The concept of scientific investigation with a magnifying glass, a notebook, and several rocks.

The Scientific Method: Procedure, Creativity, and Blunders

February 13, 2021

The scientific method that scientists use to study the natural world is based on the principle of the predictability of the universe. However, some of the greatest scientific discoveries have been made due to the unpredictable nature of creativity. […]

Image showing question marks
Earth Science

Scientific Questions: Nature and Scope

January 29, 2021

Every scientific question leads to some discovery. However, it does not always lead to the answers that scientists seek. Sometimes, it leads to more questions and opens the door for more research. […]

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