Glass ceiling in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

The Met to Keep Picasso Sold by Man Fleeing Mussolini, Echoing History

July 6, 2019

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will keep a Picasso sold by a man fleeing the Axis, Reuters reported. A federal appeals court ruled last week that his heirs waited too long to request the return of the painting, sold to the Met 58 years ago. Reclaiming Nazi-stolen art has a long and complicated past worldwide. […]

Empty airplane seats with window

Woman Wakes Up on Empty Plane, Perseveres Until Rescue

July 3, 2019

BBC News reported that a woman recently woke up alone on a parked airplane. The Air Canada flight had landed in Toronto but the crew failed to awaken the passenger, who had to call for help to be rescued from the plane. Her story illustrates how the brain handles stress. […]

Two women ordering fast food on touch screen menu

Diversifying Restaurant Menus Suggest Taking a Look at What the World Eats

June 21, 2019

Menus at restaurants—especially fast food—are becoming more diverse. McDonald’s has a new “Worldwide Favorites” menu, the “Los Angeles Times” reported. “The Sacramento Bee” said a local Taco Bell will feature multiple alcoholic beverages this fall. With new menus everywhere, it’s worth looking at what the world is eating. […]

Raven crowing at Tower of London

New Ravens Born in Tower of London, Continuing Building’s History

June 13, 2019

New ravens have hatched in the Tower of London for the first time in 30 years, the tower’s official website said. A superstition-based royal decree dating back to Charles II mandates that at least six ravens bred by a ravenmaster must live on the grounds at all times, lest England fall to calamity. The Tower of London is steeped in history. […]

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