Botched renaissance sculpture

Botched Art Restoration Ruins Renaissance-Style Statue in Spain

November 21, 2020

Another poor art restoration has made a statue look like it has a potato head, NPR reported. The statue depicted a woman smiling over livestock, though now her face is cartoonish and unrecognizable. The Protestant Reformation snubbed Renaissance-style art in the church. […]

Woman hunter gatherer concept

Unearthed Ancient Female Hunter with Weapons Defies Expectations

November 14, 2020

Ancient remains of a female hunter fly in the face of “hunter-gatherer” gender roles, Live Science reported. The woman, found in Peru, had been buried with her weapons 9,000 years ago, and she was no anomaly. The Trung Sisters of Vietnam broke stereotypes long ago, too. […]


Fugitive Self-Cloning Mutant Crayfish Invade Antwerp Cemetery

November 7, 2020

A Belgian cemetery has been overrun with unnatural mutant crayfish, “The New Zealand Herald” reported. The all-female horde of crustaceans don’t require males to reproduce and were initially created in a breeding program. Understanding cloning begins with a look at cells. […]

Ruins of streets of Pompeii Italy

Canadian Tourist Returns “Cursed” Stolen Artifacts to Pompeii

October 21, 2020

A woman who stole fragments of Pompeii 15 years ago claims they were cursed, “The Guardian” reported. She returned the artifacts in a package with a note claiming they caused her to contract breast cancer and to fall on hard times financially. The Pompeii archaeological site still offers historical wonders to visit. […]

Digital concept of gene editing on DNA

Chemists Who Revolutionized Gene Editing Awarded Nobel Prize

October 13, 2020

Two chemists received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their gene editing work, NPR reported Wednesday. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna took the prize for their groundbreaking work with CRISPR, a precise gene editing technology. CRISPR is key to modern human genome work. […]

Terrible internet connection

Daily Broadband Outage in Welsh Village Tied to Old TV

October 11, 2020

An 18-month mystery of daily broadband problems resulted from an old TV set, BBC News reported. An old television that a local resident switched on in the morning was found to be the source of the disturbance. Force fields affect electrical disturbances. […]

Subway sandwiches

Irish Court Rules Subway Bread Too Sugary to Be Called Bread

October 10, 2020

In Ireland, bread in Subway sandwiches is no longer legally bread, “The Independent” reported. Heated sandwiches from the international fast food chain exceed the legal limit of sugar additives in bread, and instead must be classified as a “baked good.” Too much sugar can aggravate lactose intolerance. […]

Magawa landmine sniffing rat wearing his service medal

Land mine-Sniffing Rat Awarded by UK Charity for Service

October 9, 2020

A rat that can sniff land mines was recognized last month for saving lives, NPR reported. The African giant pouched rat learned to smell explosives and to alert its human handlers in exchange for a banana. The standard explosive of land mines is TNT. […]

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