Fake news post on social media, looking on phone

Reviewing Misinformation as Facebook Blamed for Vaccine Hesitancy

July 29, 2021

Misinformation on Facebook about COVID-19 vaccines plays a part in vaccine hesitancy. A recent study found that more than half the misleading information on the popular social media site can be traced back to just 12 individuals. New scientific discoveries lead to changes in recommendations for the public. […]

View of Titan, from Saturn's rings

NASA Quadcopter to Land on Saturn’s Moon Titan in 2037

July 21, 2021

Saturn’s rings are shaped by the planet’s moons. Overall, Saturn has at least 62 moons of various orbital properties and physical characteristics that have been observed so far. A new NASA mission will visit Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. […]

Planet Jupiter

Venus’s Atmosphere Holds No Microbial Life, but Jupiter’s Might

July 3, 2021

Scientists looking for alien life have turned their telescopes from Venus to Jupiter. Venus’s atmosphere holds far too little water to support any kind of microbial life, despite a recent discovery of molecules that suggested otherwise. Jupiter, a gas giant, holds atmospheric potential. […]

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