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Optimists Live Longer and Improve Job Performance, Studies Show

September 11, 2019

A recent study showed that optimists are likelier than pessimists to live past age 85. Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health published their findings last month. Optimism also makes for better work performance, so how can we foster it? […]

Mature woman reading food labels
Health News

Misleading Food Labels Worsen with False “No Nitrates” Claim

September 8, 2019

A recent study by Consumer Reports found the “No Nitrates Added” food label misleading. In reality, the label refers only to added synthetic nitrates, which seems like false advertising, especially when considering the chemical composition of deli meats and related health effects. […]

Close up of woman vaping
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Vaping Illnesses Spike, Suggesting Reason to Quit—But How?

September 4, 2019

As many as 215 cases of respiratory illness may be linked to vaping, the CDC and FDA stated Friday. In a joint statement released online, both agencies said they were working to determine whether or not the illnesses were definitely caused by e-cigarette use. If the connection is proven, there are effective methods to quit smoking. […]

Black-tailed prairie dogs
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Understanding the Plague as Wildlife Refuge Reopens Following Outbreak

August 28, 2019

A Denver wildlife refuge reopened after a plague outbreak in local prairie dogs, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website. The area originally closed in late July 2019 as a precaution for visitors’ health and safety. The plague has many strains and symptoms to beware. […]

Close up of car on a hot day
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False Memories, Habit Could Be Partly to Blame for Hot Car Deaths

August 17, 2019

In an interview with NPR, “New York Times” reporter Sharon Otterman said hot car deaths could owe to false memories. She said parents often have memories of removing victims from their cars despite not doing so. A key component of this situation could be the brain’s memory center being unreliable. […]

Police taped off crime scene with yellow tape. Investigators viewing evidence
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Amid More Mass Shootings, A Study of Trauma and the Brain

August 12, 2019

The United States is mourning the victims of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, as seen in this ABC News article. The two domestic terror incidents occurred within 24 hours, killing 31 and shocking the nation. How are survivors of trauma affected? […]

Medical field practioners at table with stethoscope in focus
Health News

Medical Skepticism Renewed as 400 Routine Practices Are Debunked

July 26, 2019

Researchers have debunked nearly 400 pieces of medical advice, “The New York Times” reported. Out of 3,000 studies published in the 21st century, more than 10 percent disproved previous common beliefs. Finding accurate medical information often requires skepticism. […]

Health News

A Look at Behavior after “Big Five” Personality Test Proven Unreliable

July 21, 2019

The “Big Five” personality test appears to be less reliable than thought, according to a new study published in the journal “Science Advances.” Once thought to be an accurate gauge of behavior, the test seems to be often ineffective in some regions of the world. So what is a personality and how is it studied? […]

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