Woman jogging on bridge
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Hit the Gym or Go for a Jog? Getting the Most Out of Aerobic Exercise

January 11, 2021

Contrary to claims often made by the fitness industry, research has not found targeted fat reduction exercises (i.e., ab tightening, thigh toning) to be an effective way to achieve your ideal body composition. Instead, for fat loss, Professor Ormsbee recommends an assortment of exercises that involve and impact your whole body. […]

Earth view from space
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Man Walked Equivalent of the Earth’s Circumference in Four Years

January 6, 2021

A retiree walked the equivalent of Earth’s circumference over four years in his hometown, “The Independent” reported. Vinod Bajaj of Limerick, Ireland, began his light exercise in 2016; it recently surpassed 40,075 kilometers (24,901 miles). It began as a weight-loss exercise. […]

Couple arguing on sofa
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The Motor Theory of Speech Perception: When We Hear Angry Sounds

January 4, 2021

Mirror neuron systems help us to learn from others in that when we see others performing a certain action, we mirror that same action through our own bodily movements. For example, we might cross our arms because our friend does. This system also influences other behaviors, though, as Professor Vishton explains. […]

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