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Health News

How Much Vitamin C Do You Actually Need Each Day?

September 26, 2020

One trend in the nutrition world has been megadosing vitamin C. Some people believe that doing so will lead to optimal health and can even prevent diseases such as cancer. Professor Anding assesses the evidence. […]

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Coronavirus News

Pandemic Leads to Free Pop-Up Workout Program in DC

September 25, 2020

A new organization in Washington, D.C. offers free weekly workout sessions, NPR reported. It started after gyms closed due to the pandemic and residents with high blood pressure and diabetes expressed their health concerns. Exercise has far more benefits than just weight loss. […]

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Health News

Yes, You Can Take Too Many Vitamins—Even If They’re Water-Soluble

September 24, 2020

While we are aware that we should not take more than the recommended dose of a prescription medication, most of us wouldn’t think twice about “overdosing” on vitamins. Some people even believe this gives an extra “boost” to your health. According to Professor Anding, though, vitamins are not harmless when consumed in excess. […]

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Health News

From Stones to Computers: The Evolution of Information Management

September 19, 2020

Culture rather than biology is now the greatest influence on brain development. In fact, our culture is inseparable from technology and has been so since the development of the microchip, which is the heart of modern technology. Dr. Restak explains the impact that these developments have had on our lives. […]

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