Covid 19 vaccine
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Two Coronavirus Vaccines, Each More Than 90% Effective

November 23, 2020

Two vaccines for the coronavirus have each proven over 90% effective, BuzzFeed reported. Although no timeline can be promised, health experts believe mass vaccinations could begin in April 2021. How good is 95% when it comes to vaccines? […]

Beta-Alanine capsules in bowl
Health News

Get Your Muscles Right and Up Your Performance with Beta-Alanine

November 22, 2020

In addition to creatine, another supplement that may help with muscle mass and performance is called beta-alanine. It has been shown to improve performance and exercise capacity as well as to permit greater intensity and volume of exercise training. Professor Ormsbee explains. […]

Close up of a nose
Health News

Author of Book about Sense of Smell Loses Sense of Smell

November 22, 2020

An author studying the science of smelling temporarily lost his own ability to smell, NPR reported. Harold McGee lived in an odorless world for some time while suffering from and recovering from a sinus infection. The olfactory sense plays many roles. […]

Creatine tablets
Health News

Creatine for Building Muscle Mass: How Effective Is It?

November 21, 2020

In addition to weight loss supplements, supplements thought to increase muscle mass have also become popular in recent years. Professor Ormsbee examines creatine or creatine monohydrate, one the most popular supplements ever produced and the most thoroughly researched of any supplement. […]

nutritional suppliments on table
Health News

The Multibillion Dollar Industry of Nutritional Supplements

November 17, 2020

Many of you have heard the advice “whole foods first” when it comes to your diet and the famous Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This is solid advice, but is it ever necessary to supplement our diets? Professor Ormsbee explores this question. […]

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