Seal of the Cherokee Nation.
American History

The Cherokee Nation: Challenges and Struggles

May 14, 2021

While the conflict over land ownership between Georgia and the Cherokee Nation was still on, The Indian Removal Act of 1830 gave congressional sanction to complete the removal of tribes residing east of the Mississippi River. However, the Cherokees fought back by taking Georgia to court. […]

Photo of a Native American man.
American History

The Birth of the Cherokee Republic

May 13, 2021

Georgia’s claim over the land that Cherokee considered their own was bolstered by the Supreme Court’s ruling in a case called Johnson v. M’Intosh. However, in response, Cherokee began their own nation-building campaign and also took Georgia to court. […]

Painting of a Cherokee Chief.
American History

Cherokees and the Conflicts with the US Government

May 13, 2021

Cherokee considered much of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama as their homeland. Though they lived in distant villages spread across the river valleys, they formed a web of connection through the matrilineal clans they belonged to. However, their land was being targeted by Georgians and North Carolinians. Though they signed treaties with the United States to deflect these threats, policies by Thomas Jefferson did not bode well for the Cherokee. […]

Image of a plague doctor inside a medieval monuments
British History

How England Coped With the Plague

May 11, 2021

After the plague hit England, people had a hard time coping with it. Nobles obviously had an easier time than peasants but it still affected everybody. […]

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