Ancient Egyptian writing on stone
Ancient History

How are the Various Proto-World Families Linked?

September 4, 2020

The theory that there is a single source of origin of all the world’s languages is susceptible to analysis in historical linguistic. American linguist, Joseph Harold Greenberg attempted to show the links between various Proto-World families. […]

The runic alphabet used to write Old English before the introduction of the Latin alphabet

Changes in the Language, Gain or Loss?

July 25, 2020

Languages change over time. It is a natural phenomenon that is true for every language. The English language is no exception, and it will continue to change. While some people think the changes in the English language will limit the language’s ability to express ideas, some features are gained in the process of change that adds to the richness of the language. […]

word tiles in dissaray with the word 'chaos' in between

The Process of Word Order Change

July 25, 2020

There are many elements in a language that have evolved over centuries. One of them is the word order. There is a debate as to which word order was used first, but we now have many languages with different word orders. […]

Rembrand style photo of a historical figure writing with a goose feather

Changes in Grammar and Pronunciation of English Words

July 25, 2020

Changes that happen in a language are constant. When we think of language change, we might be inclined to assume these changes happened several centuries ago. However, these variations can be seen in the written works as recent as the 19th century. When we read these written works, we might think of these variations as misprints or stylistic idiosyncrasies. However, they are exactly how English was spoken at that time. […]

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